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Quaker Valley Athletics

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Quaker Valley Athletics

Quaker Valley School District - Home of the Quakers

Quaker Valley Athletics

Quaker Valley School District - Home of the Quakers

Game Summaries & Headlines.

Game Summary

4.0 months ago @ 8:42AM

CoEd Middle School Track vs. OPEN

Game Date
May 5, 2022

Congratulations to the QVMS Track and Field team on an outstanding performance against 12 of the best teams in Western Pennsylvania at yesterday’s North Allegheny Invitational. There was no team scoring at this invitational, but many QVMS Track and Field student-athletes placed in their events. First-place finishes include Tyler Bell in the 3200 and Mia Gartley in the High Jump. 


2nd and 3rd place finishers include:

Katherine Linge: 2nd (100 Hurdles)

River Capek: 2nd (800)

Joelle Muretisch: 3rd(100 Hurdles)

Rose Pocasangre: 3rd (300 Hurdles)

Breanna Withrow: 3rd (Discus and Shot Put)

Levi Carver: 3rd (110 Hurdles)

Aiden Dwyer: 3rd (300 Hurdles)

Bruce Anderchak: 3rd (Pole Vault)

Reese Fatur: 3rd (Discus)


4th, 5th, and 6th place finishers were: 

Zora Washington: 4th (200) and 5th (100)

Oumou Thiero: 4th (High Jump)

Xander Vescio: 4th (110 Hurdles)

Reese Fatur: 4th (Shot Put)

Joelle Muretisch: 5th (300 Hurdles)

Boys 4x800 Meter Relay Team of Tyler Bell, Bradley Semonik, Austin Young, and Kieran Cain: 5th

Katherine Linge: 6th (Triple Jump)

Boys 4x 400 Meter Relay Team of Jayden Juliano, Aiden Dwyer, Kieran Cain, and River Capek: 6th


Our Overall Team Performance:


MS Girls 100 Meter Dash: 

Madeline Gatehouse: 14.78 (19th)

Zora Washington: 13.82 (5th) 


MS Girls 200 Meter Dash: 

Rose Pocasangre: 29.88 (16th)

Zora Washington: 28.55 (4th)


MS Girls 400 Meter Dash: 

Josephine Courtney: 1:13.76 (20th)

Emma Currier: 1:10.06 (14th)


MS Girls 800 Meter Run: 

Maggie Doz: 3:02.29 (15th)

Maggie Watson: 3:07.49 (18th)


MS Girls 1600 Meter Run:

Maggie Doz: 6:20.34 (16th)

Mia Gartley: 6:16.72 (15th)


MS Girls 3200 Meter Run:

Kendra Hines: 15:10.54 (16th)

Cecilia Holte: 15:08.21 (15th)


MS Girls 100 Meter Hurdles: 

Katherine Linge: 17.32 (2nd)

Joelle Muretisch: 17.46 (3rd)


MS Girls 300 Meter Hurdles: 

Joelle Muretisch: 54.38 (5th)

Rose Pocasangre: 53.02 (3rd)


MS Girls 4x100 Meter Relay: DQ

Madeline Gatehouse

Noelle Spears

Oumou Thiero

Zora Washington


MS Girls 4x400 Meter Relay: 4:55.76 (8th)

Joelle Muretisch

Mia Gartley

Josephine Courtney

Emma Currier


MS Girls 4x800 Meter Relay: 12:14.02 (10th)

Maggie Doz

Cecilia Holte

Kennedy O’Neill

Maggie Watson


MS Girls High Jump: 

Mia Gartley: 4-10 (1st) which is tied for the 4th best jump in QV History

Oumou Thiero: 4-8 (4th)


MS Girls Long Jump: 

Katherine Linge: 13-8 (12th)

Makenna Magness: 13-4 (15th)


MS Girls Triple Jump: 

Emma Currier: 29-5.50 (7th)

Katherine Linge: 29-8 (6th)


MS Girls Pole Vault: 

Makenna Magness: NH (No Height)

Kennedy O’Neill: NH (No Height)


MS Girls Discus: 

Breonna Williams: 63-7.50 (9th)

Breanna Withrow: 76-5 (3rd)


MS Girls Shot Put:

Breonna Williams: 27-11.50 (13th)

Breanna Withrow: 31-8.50 (3rd) with the 7th best throw in QV History


MS Boys 100 Meter Dash: 

Ronnie Berry: 12.82 (13th)

River Capek: 12.85 (15th)


MS Boys 200 Meter Dash:

Valentino Cercone: 27.96 (18th)

Asher Muretisch: 28.27 (19th)


MS Boys 400 Meter Dash: 

Jayden Juliano: 58.64 (10th)

Asher Muretisch: 1:02.91 (17th)


MS Boys 800 Meter Run: 

Kieran Cain: 2:29.59 (11th)

River Capek: 2:13.17 (2nd)


MS Boys 1600 Meter Run: 

Liam Miller: 5:34.39 (17th)

Austin Young: 5:56.99 (22nd)


MS Boys 3200 Meter Run: 

Tyler Bell: 10:48.27 (1st) with the 2nd fastest time in QV History

Liam Miller: 12:10.69 (17th)


MS Boys 110 Meter Hurdles: 

Levi Carver: 18.15 (3rd)

Xander Vescio: 18.21 (4th)


MS Boys 300 Meter Hurdles: 

Hugo Castellini: 51.53 (12th)

Aiden Dwyer: 47.21 (3rd)


MS Boys 4x100 Meter Relay: 50.94 (9th)

Jayden Juliano

River Capek

Asher Muretisch

Ronnie Berry


MS Boys 4x400Meter Relay: 4:02.45 (6th) with the 8th fastest time in QV History

Jayden Juliano

Aiden Dwyer

Kieran Cain

River Capek


MS Boys 4x800Meter Relay: 9:34.62 (5th)

Tyler Bell

Bradley Semonik

Austin Young

Kieran Cain


MS Boys High Jump: 

Ronnie Berry: 4-10 (10th)

Ricky Picon: 4-8 (14th)


MS Boys Long Jump: 

Bruce Anderchak: 15-9 (17th)

Xander Vescio: 14-11 (19th)


MS Boys Triple Jump:

Aiden Dwyer: 33-1.50 (7th)

Bradley Semonik: 31-9.50 (10th)


MS Boys Pole Vault: 

Bruce Anderchak: 9-0 (3rd) with the 7th best vault in QV History

Harper Sipes: 7-0 (9th)


MS Boys Discus: 

Chase Augustin: ND (No Distance)

Reese Fatur: 113-5 (3rd)


MS Boys Shot Put:

Chase Augustin: 29-9 (16th)

Reese Fatur: 39-1 (4th) with the 7th best throw in QV History


Please use this link to further examine the results from yesterday's North Allegheny Invitational.