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Quaker Valley Athletics

Quaker Valley School District - Home of the Quakers


Quaker Valley Athletics

Quaker Valley School District - Home of the Quakers

Quaker Valley Athletics

Quaker Valley School District - Home of the Quakers

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Game Summary

1 month ago @ 10:04AM

CoEd Varsity Track vs. OPEN

Game Date
Apr 24, 2024

Yesterday, the Quaker Valley Track & Field Team competed in the Annual MAC Invitational.  This invitational consists of the same 28 schools in our region of Western Pennsylvania.  This includes all of the schools on Western Allegheny County, all of the schools in Beaver County, all of the schools in Lawerance Country. is one of the largest Track & Field meets in Western Pennsylvania, with nearly 100 schools participating.  Quaker Valley had great success bringing home 42 total medals across a boys' and girls' combine 30 events and 6 relays.  As a result of their cumulative success, both the boys' and girls' teams finished in 1st place overall in the MAC invitational with final point totals for the Quaker Valley Girls 89 points (second place West Allegheny 60) and the Quaker Valley Boys 76 points (second place Blackhawk 67).  You can access the complete meet results with this LINK.

The boys' team was led by Junior Macky Gartley by taking 1st place in both the 110 hurdles and 300 hurdles.  Macky's time in the 110m hurdles of 14.66 is now 2nd all-time in Quaker Valley School History. Macky was also a member of the 1st place 4x400m relay team consisting of Macky, James Irwin, Jayden Julianno, and Clark LaLomia and the 3rd place 4x100m relay consisting of Macky, Winston Clifford, Izzy Emerson, and Jayden Julianno.  Macky's combine point total as an individual and a member of both of these relays added to 24 total points, which was the most of any individual at the meet and earned him the title of MAC Invitational MVP.  The boys also finished 1st overall in the 4x800m relay consisting of Clark LaLomia, Jonah Montagnese, Jackson Pethel, and River Capek.

The girls' team was led by Junior Jay Olawaiye by taking 1st place in the Triple Jump with a jump of 37' 8". Jay was also a member of the 3rd place 4x100m relay team consisting of Jay, Zora Washington, Vanessa Pickett, and Kwilai Karto.  The girls also placed 1st overall in the 4x400m relay consisting of Vanessa Pickett, Kwilai Karto, Emma Currier, and Ellie Cain and 2nd overall in the 4x800m relay consisting of Emma Currier, Ellie Cain, Cecilia Montagnese, and Kate Hines.  We also had 2 girls, Evie Rosselli and Sarah Minard, tie for a NEW SCHOOL RECORD in Pole Vault yesterday with a vault of 10'4".  Based on tie breaking procedures, Evie finished 2nd and Sarah finished 3rd overall in the meet. 

Here is a list of all the other medalists.

Kwilai Karto (2nd place - 100 hurdles and 6th place - 300m hurdles)

MiMi Thiero (2nd place - High Jump)

Aiden Dwyer (2nd place - High Jump)

Jonah Montagnese (2nd place - 3200m)

Rose Pocasangre (2nd place - 300 hurdles)

Thomas Debelak (3rd place - Triple Jump and 5th place - Long Jump)

Ellie Cain (3rd place - 800m)

Mia Gartley (3rd place - High Jump)

Winston Clifford (4th place -100m)

Cecilia Montagnese (5th place - 400m & 3200m)