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Quaker Valley Athletics

Quaker Valley School District - Home of the Quakers


Quaker Valley Athletics

Quaker Valley School District - Home of the Quakers

Quaker Valley Athletics

Quaker Valley School District - Home of the Quakers

Game Summaries & Headlines.

Game Summary

1 month ago @ 12:36PM

CoEd Middle School Track vs. OPEN

Game Date
Apr 30, 2024

Moon Invitational (4-30-24)

The QVMS Track and Field Boys’ team placed 5th and the Girls' team placed 6th at the highly competitive Moon Invitational. 


Student-athletes, who placed (which includes those who finished 1st-8th place in their events) include:

·River Piatt: 2nd in MS Boys 800 Meter Dash and 2nd in MS Boys Triple Jump

·Connor Dwyer: 3rd in MS Boys High Jump

·Damien Keo (McClay): 3rd in MS Boys Pole Vault

·Ciara McHenry: 3rd in MS Girls Pole Vault

·Alayna Gill: 4th in MS Girls Pole Vault

·Paul Trapizona: 5th in MS Boys Discus

·Eli Walker: 5th in MS Boys Pole Vault

·Madelyn Main: 6th in MS Girls 100 Meter Hurdles

·Connor West: 6th in MS Boys 400 Meter Dash

·Lucy Montagnese: 6th in MS Girls 1600 Meter Run

·Graham Walker: 6th in MS Boys Pole Vault

·Ella Plachecki: 6th in MS Girls Triple Jump

·Stefan Mauer, Emmit Figley, Connor West, and River Piatt: 6th in MS Boys 4x400 Meter Relay

·Lila Carver: 7th in MS Girls 100 Meter Hurdles

·Keira Watson: 7th in MS Girls 800 Meter Dash

·Lucy Augustin: 7th in MS Girls Long Jump

·Pekah Kimbrough-Moon, Ava Hajok, Madelyn Main, and Lila Carver: 8th in MS Girls 4x100 Meter Relay

·Grace Jadlowiec, Lucy Montagnese, Sophia Spezza, and Keira Watson: 8th in MS Girls 4x400 Meter Relay


Our Overall Team Performance:


MS Girls 100 Meter Hurdles: 

Lila Carver: 17.67 (7th)

Lauren Kirkham: 18.51 (11th)

Madelyn Main: 17.58 (6th) 


MS Boys 110 Meter Hurdles: 

Emmit Figley: 19.30 (10th)

Rafe Furfari: 19.79 (15th)

Damien Keo (McClay): 19.91 (17th)


MS Girls 100 Meter Dash (Preliminaries): 

Ava Hajok: 14.95 (33rd)

Pekah Kimbrough-Moon: 14.21 (24th)

Lucy Ruiz: 15.56 (40th)


MS Boys 100 Meter Dash (Preliminaries): 

Ryan Bauersmith: 13.13 (31st)

Isaiah Council: 12.9 (21st)

Harrison Kerley: 13.11 (30th)


MS Girls 1600 Meter Run:

Ruby May: 6:53.55 (31th)

Lucy Montagnese: 5:50.21 (6th)

Adele Rahm: 6:38.08 (27th)


MS Boys 1600 Meter Run: 

Emmit Figley: 5:19.65 (14th)

Josh Ratkovich: 5:27.50 (19th)


MS Girls 4x100 Meter Relay: 54.28 (8th)

Pekah Kimbrough-Moon

Ava Hajok

Madelyn Main

Lila Carver


MS Boys 4x100 Meter Relay: 50.97 (9th)

Ryan Bauersmith

Isaiah Council

Harrison Kerley

River Piatt


MS Girls 400 Meter Dash: 

Grace Jadlowiec: 1:11.64 (17th)

Natalie Minnock: 1:18.78 (34th)

Sophia Spezza: 1:11.82 (19th)


MS Boys 400 Meter Dash: 

Ryan Bauersmith: 1:00.48 (14th)

Stefan Mauer: 1:07.54 (31st)

Connor West: 58.27 (6th)


MS Girls 800 Meter Run: 

Lauren Kirkham: 2:51.38 (14th)

Lucy Montagnese: 2:47.02 (10th)

Keira Watson: 2:44.21 (7th)


MS Boys 800 Meter Run: 

River Piatt: 2:13.21 (2nd)

Emmit Figley: 2:23.48 (9th)

Sidney McLaughlin: 2:30.92 (16th)


MS Girls 200 Meter Dash: 

Ava Hajok: 31.78 (32nd)

Pekah Kimbrough-Moon: 29.47 (18th)

Emilia Lezama: 31.46 (29th)


MS Boys 200 Meter Dash:

Isaiah Council: 27.49 (24th)

Harrison Kerley: 27.2 (21st)

Tommy Minnock: 27.9 (27th)


MS Girls 4x400 Meter Relay: 4:54.86 (8th)

Grace Jadlowiec

Lucy Montagnese

Sophia Spezza

Keira Watson


MS Boys 4x400 Meter Relay: 4:07.86 (6th)

Stefan Mauer

Emmit Figley

Connor West

River Piatt


MS Girls High Jump: 

Ava Hajok: 4-0 (14th)

Madelyn Main: 4-2 (10th)

Ella Plachecki: 4-2 (10th)


MS Boys High Jump: 

Connor Dwyer: 5-04 (3rd)

Stefan Mauer: NH

Connor West: 4-06 (16th)


MS Girls Long Jump: 

Lucy Augustin: 13-09 (7th)

Adele Hydzik: 12-05 (22nd)

Keira Watson: 13-03 (13th) 


MS Boys Long Jump: 

Connor Dwyer: 16-01 (11th)

Rafe Furfari: ND

Connor West: 16-0 (12th)


MS Girls Triple Jump: 

Adele Hydzik: 27-04 (18th)

Emilia Lezama: 27-08 (16th)

Ella Plachecki: 29-02 (6th)


MS Boys Triple Jump:

Rafe Furfari: 32-05 (13th)

Damien Keo (McClay): 32-07 (11th)

River Piatt: 35-03 (2nd)


MS Girls Discus: 

Chelsea Cherock: 58-11 (12th)

Campbell Homer: 59-06 (11th)

Hannah Olawiaye: 44-04 (29th)


MS Boys Discus: 

Joseph Kamnikar: 72-05 (24th)

Tommy Minnock: 90-04 (13th)

Paul Trapizona: 100-10 (5th)


MS Girls Shot Put:

Lila Carver: 24-06 (20th)

Natalie Minnock: 27-10 (9th)

Hannah Olawiaye: 20-11 (30th)


MS Boys Shot Put:

Likas Cevarr: 32-02 (15th)

Tommy Minnock: 34-07 (9th)

Jaspar Newlin: 30-08 (21st)


MS Girls Pole Vault: 

Alayna Gill: 5-0 (4th)

Ciara McHenry: 5-06 (3rd)

Lena Rothbauer: NH


MS Boys Pole Vault: 

Damien Keo (McClay): 6-06 (3rd)

Eli Walker: 6-06 (5th) 

Graham Walker: 6-06 (6th)